Structural Repairs

Residential Repair, Inc is proficient in all aspects of restoring the structural integrity of your home. These services include:

Emergency Services:
Whether a vehicle has just hit your house or business, a tree has fallen on the structure, or you have endured any other disaster, we are one call away from coming to your aid. We can also provide Structural Engineer services to the site. Residential Repair has ample insurance experience and is proficient in Xactimate estimating. We have worked claims with most all insurance companies.

Crawl space homes (homes not on a concrete slab):
Common Problems found with crawl space homes include cracks in the walls, doors that don’t shut properly, and floors that feel like a roller coaster ride. Most of these issues can be corrected in the crawl space allowing secondary repairs to the cosmetic issues. Sagging beams and floor joists are often cause by improper spacing of existing pier columns, effectively overloading the beams and causing them to bend and sag. Wood rot and termite damage can also cause beams and joists to weaken.

Residential Repair, Inc. will repair the floor joists, beams and plates, box sills and sub-floor to protect the stability of your home. An evaluation of the crawl space may reveal insufficient support, wood rot and termite damage, or water/moisture damage.

Attic bracing:
Many homes are not braced adequately or properly and roof sections sag over time. This can be repaired with additional bracing or transferring the load to the proper location.

Improper Lintel (the section over an opening in the structure):
In the Tulsa area, we rebuild a number of homes with sagging lintels over the garage doors. You may notice cracks in the brick or rock as well as a dip in the trim at the top of the opening.
Residential Repair will remove the brick or rock, install or repair the lintel properly and then re-install the masonry. Many of the lintels were incorrectly installed at the time of construction.

Load-stabilizing Beams:
Residential Repair can install a structural steel beam cased in wood or sheet rock to hold a floor above it in place or to span a large area where engineered wood would have to be too large. This can be done on existing homes or for new construction.