Warm Weather Home Updates

Category: Blog Post Date: June 10, 2016

Warm Weather Home Updates

There are some things around our homes that we look at so often, we stop actually SEEING them. They are so much a part of our everyday environment that it might even feel silly to step back and take good hard look. It can be easy to miss needed updates and maintenance on these parts of your home. Fortunately for you, we here at Residential Repair are in the the business of details.

Here are some of our suggestions for warm weather updates to your home:


Now is a great time to repair or replace your siding. There’s a good chance the sun will be shining, so a larger project like this is perfect for dry weather. Check for siding that might be loose, cracked or warped as these can be indicative of an underlying problem like rot.


What better time to update your mudroom than when it’s, well, not muddy? It could be as little as touching up a room you already love. Sometimes the scratches and dents are part of what makes your house a home. Maybe a new color paint on the walls, a good scrubbing around the baseboards, and tightening the screws on your benches is all you need. You can also use this dry time to do a full Pinterest-proud renovation if that’s what you’re looking for.


Clean those shutters. Make sure they are still securely in place. Look for any rot on or behind them and for stripped screw holes that could mean a bigger problem. Now would also be a good time for a fresh coat of paint to give your exterior a nice facelift.

Porch Columns

Porch columns are definitely one of those exterior elements that we do not spend a great deal of time looking at – at least not with any real serious examination. Look up, look down, and keenly scan everywhere in between. You are looking for cracks, rot, peeling paint, loose screw or nails, and gaps in the areas where your columns connect to your house. Attend immediately to any issues you might find.

Walkways and Doorsteps

The front of your home is the first statement you make when it comes to welcoming others. Take this opportunity to power wash your walkways and doorsteps – maybe even plant some flowers or hardy low shrubbery along there to make it look nice and inviting. Check any concrete areas for cracks or crumbling. Oklahoma red dirt is notorious for shifting, so it’s good to check and make sure everything still sits exactly where it’s supposed to.

As always, if you run into a warm weather project that’s too big for you or you’re not really sure what you might be dealing with, give us a call. We’d be happy to come out and assess what you’ve got going on and give you an estimate.

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