Tulsa Home Remodeling Tips

Category: Blog Post Date: June 10, 2021

Tulsa Home Remodeling Tips

Looking to have some home remodeling work done? The following are some tips for when you are ready to plan on some home improvements. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. Our Tulsa home remodeling experts are always ready to help.

#1. A smaller remodel project could be just as expensive as a bigger addition. A lot of the time and cost of a remodel—getting permits, getting a contractor, and doing the demolition—are the same no matter the size of your remodel. You do not want to underestimate the price of the addition to your home.

#2. Quality Materials vs. cost
With the cost of everything, especially lumber, on the rise it may be tempting to cut cost on quality wood and other items. But be careful of going cheap on material. What’s the point of saving a few dollars today if you will pay even more to repair or refinish the project at later time?

#3. Do not be in a hurry the project planning. Make sure you take time to think about all the things you need and have readied plans with the architect and contractor before demolition or construction starts. Above all else, make sure you are comfortable with the contractor and that you have a clear cut plan for not just the work, but the cost of each step and materials of the project.

#4. Be sure to look at all zoning and construction laws in your city. You need to make sure you know which permits are needed. It might be tempting to just get it going, you must do all of this before you begin construction. When in doubt, ask your contractor. They should be very familiar with all the city, county and state laws as well as permits that you will need.

#5. Home remodeling projects are a slow process and take time. Many times weather is a factor. Try and avoid having a hard deadline that can’t be altered. You might as well take your time and factor in some extra time to finish the construction project without rushing through and the risk of some steps being missed.

Give us a call when you are ready for your tulsa remodeling project. Our Tulsa home remodelers are here to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with deciding how the work is done as well as figuring the cost.