Storm Damage

When the winds, hail, fire or water recede and you are standing outside looking at your home; know that it can be rebuilt. Just give Residential Repair a call and we will be there with emergency tarps and boards to stop the loss and to secure your property. Our staff has helped many people that have gone down the same path you are on. We have insurance claim expertise and we will show you the way. Residential Repair partners with Royal Roofing and Construction during storm season to make your recovery fast and efficient. We will remove the tree from the roof, pump out the water, and help move personal belongings to a safe location.

Make sure you hire a construction company to do your tarping and board-up. You need a company that understands the weight of water on loose tarps and framing loads so that your tarp doesn’t become a leaking pool on what you have left inside your home.

Some Helpful Tips

Insurance will usually pay and ask that you do the following before the adjuster gets there:

  • Get out of the property until you know it is safe. Do not risk your safety for material things.
  • Get the property tarped and secured if possible to stop the loss.
  • Insurance will usually pay to remove trees from the dwelling (on or through the roof or sides of the house) but they do have limits on removing trees from the property that did not land on the dwelling. Do not have any work other than emergency items done prior to the adjuster seeing the property.
  • Take lots of pictures when you can to document your loss.
  • If damage is wide-spread in your area, call your contractor immediately to be put on the list.
  • Beware of storm chasers that arrive from other states and disappear. Do business only with local companies that will be here after the storm. Ask to see their driver’s license and check the tag on the back of their vehicle.