How to Spot Water Damage in Your Home

Category: Blog Post Date: April 29, 2016

How to Spot Water Damage in Your Home

May in Oklahoma means storms and a lot of rain. Tulsa averaged 5.9 inches of rain over eleven days in May. It is necessary to check your home’s interior and exterior for water damage. If left unattended, moisture can cause toxic mold, wood rot, and even structural corrosion. Here are some things to look for when examining your home for water damage.

Floors and Walls

You’ll want to watch for discoloration of any kind. Water spots can be obvious but they can also look like a dark or bulging area under the paint. Floor areas that appear to be raised or buckling can be an indicator of water build up. Damp carpeting is another way to know there is water where there shouldn’t be. Cracks in your drywall could also be telling you there’s a water problem in your walls.


Check your refrigerator and AC unit for water in the overflow. If the overflow tray is anything but bone dry, you need to have your appliance serviced. It could be as simple as a blockage in the drain pipe or something more. The overflow trays are not designed to hold a lot water and can run over rather quickly causing further damage to your home.


Your nose can tell you a lot about your home. If you smell mold, mildew or dampness of any kind, take a closer look to find out where it might be coming from. Older homes can have a musty smell from sheer age. Odors caused by water damage will be more pronounced the closer you get to them.

Roof and Attic

If you find water problems in your attic, you’re going to need to check the roof. Look for broken, curling or damaged shingles. If you find loose shingles, check underneath them to make sure your underlayment is in tact. You’ll also need to look over the flashing to see if it is cracked or if the seal has come loose or broken away from the surface. Plumbing and vent pipes need to be checked also.


Standing water in your yard is an excellent indicator that there’s a problem with your drainage. Not only will it damage your lawn, left unattended, it can also cause foundation corrosion.

Windows and Baseboards

Watch out for crumbling wood on your windows and baseboards. Water infiltration from behind your walls could be to blame.


Check your pipes and faucets for corrosion and leaks. Look for pools of water under all your sinks – even small ones can be damaging. Make sure all your caulking is intact and not cracking. Hoses on your washing machine and behind your sinks should never be flexible and never brittle.

If you find what you think may be water damage, give us a call here at Residential Repair. Our pros are ready to evaluate the problem and work with you to get it fixed.

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