Home Repairs Gone Wrong? – When to Call an Expert

Category: Blog Post Date: May 15, 2016

Home Repairs Gone Wrong? – When to Call an Expert

There is nothing wrong with a little confidence and ambition. But when confidence and ambition exceed ability, you might run into a problem. With the overwhelming amount of DIY resources on the internet these days, looking at you Pinterest and YouTube, people are finding the motivation to try projects they would have never attempted otherwise. Sometimes they really pull it off. Sometimes they really don’t. If you are considering doing your own home repairs, there are some things you need to consider before you swing that hammer.


1. Is the project potentially dangerous?

When dealing with issues like electrical wiring, roofing repairs, asbestos or mold, you need to have a very solid working knowledge of how to safely approach your repair. All of those can be extremely hazardous and require professional experience to deal with safely. Unexpected complications can arise and leave you with injury or health problems and an unfinished project. Always call a professional for issues like this.

You also need to be aware of putting yourself in dangerous situations where you could be hurt just because you’ve positioned a ladder incorrectly. Falls are the number 1 injury that occur in the home. You really need to evaluate the potential for risk. No DIY project is worth a hospital stay.


2. Could this project cause more damage than the original problem?

If you’ve got plumbing issues, the potential for further damage from flooding or burst pipes is a real concern. You also run into the need to know which products and materials are best for your repair. Not all homes are the same. Specialized knowledge of the materials needed is often essential in doing a lasting and safe home repair. For many projects you also need to know what other pitfalls need to be avoided – like where live electrical wires might be so you don’t cut through them. If you are not confident about dealing with peripheral issues or do not have an excellent working knowledge of where potential dangers might be hidden, get in touch with a pro.


3. Do you need specialized equipment?

Renting the tools you need for small projects is convenient and cost effective. However, if you find that you need a piece of equipment you have not encountered before or seems complicated and labor intensive, you might want to rethink your DIY moment. Accidents can happen when you are uncomfortable with your tools. Professional contractors work with these types of tools and equipment every day. Hammock time while someone else handles your repairs is far preferable to losing a finger.


4. Will it really save you money?

People get in over their heads so often on DIY projects, entire reality TV shows have been built around it. You think you’ve got this. You dig in and start with all the enthusiasm in the world only to find you can’t finish it. You’ve invested your time and money into a project that is just too big. Now you’re left with a mess and nowhere to cook. Calling a contractor up front for an estimate is really in your best interest. Leaving it until you’ve reached your limits causes frustration for you and potentially more problems to be fixed than you started with. More problems, more money.

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