Most Common Home Repairs – Plumbing

Category: Blog Post Date: August 1, 2016

Most Common Home Repairs – Plumbing

Residential Repair wants to help our customers be educated on the home repairs that might be coming your way. That’s why we’re starting a blog series on the most common repairs you could encounter.

We’re going to kick it off with plumbing. The issues can range from very minor to catastrophic. Hopefully by the end, you will have a good grasp on what to look for and have peace of mind about how to deal with it.

Leaky Pipes and Faucets

The good news is that most leaky pipes and faucets can be fixed pretty quickly with new washers and sealant or just by tightening the connections a bit. Even the least handy person can usually take care of it. When replacing a plumbing fixture, be sure to install new supply lines. If leaks persist or you feel out of your depth, we are only a phone call away.

Low Water Pressure

You may have a blockage in the screen. Unscrew the tip where the water comes out, remove the screen, clean it and re install. If your pressure does not come back, it may be the cartridge or the fixture itself. If these all check out fine, the issue may be rusty or corroded pipes. Not necessarily a health concern, but if there’s rust in your water, it can be unpleasant. It probably also means it’s time to update your plumbing. Cast iron pipes, strong as they are, do not last forever. Nothing does. However, there are better, more preferable materials available that you should really consider if you have old plumbing.

Burst Pipes

This is where the catastrophic repairs could occur. If your pipes burst from being frozen or compromised in some way, the damage can be significant and will most likely require professional attention. Flooding can also require structural repair and our remediation service.


Clogs can also be an easy fix for the NOT handy inclined. If it’s shallow and easy to get to, you’re probably going to be fine going it alone. If it’s deeper or a material that won’t break down, like a 100 Legos, there is a professional in your future.

Water Heater Failure

A poorly maintained water heater can burn your house down. Consider yourself lucky if all it does is flood your home. Look for rust on the outside of the tank, or any loose fittings that may be leaking. Water heaters involve natural gas most of the time and should be maintained. Most units last only 10-12 years and become very dangerous after that point. It’s easy to forget about our water heaters. They quietly reside out of sight and out of mind while doing their job. Make sure your water heater is well maintained.

Plumbing problems are going to happen when you own a home. We hope they are small and manageable for you. We understand that it always best for you to not require our services. However, when a bigger problem does occur, we’ll be right there to give you the help you need. Residential Repair also has a maintenance program that could very well head off problems before they happen.

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