10 Quarterly Repairs Every HomeOwner Needs

Category: Blog Post Date: April 1, 2016

10 Quarterly Repairs Every HomeOwner Needs

Time for a Checkup

Spring in Tulsa is pretty hard to beat. With the exception of tornadoes, it’s a beautiful season that means comfortable temperatures and the rebirth of nature. It also means it’s time to start checking up on what may have taken a hit on your home during the winter.

Here’s our checklist of 10 Quarterly Repairs Every Homeowner Needs:

  • Outside Outlets and Power Cords: Considering the amount of yard work that comes with Spring, you should take a minute to make sure all your exterior outlets and power cords are clean and dry and do not have any exposed wiring or loose plugs. This will help you avoid fires and give you peace of mind when plugging in those lovely outdoor lights.
  • AC Unit: Having your AC unit serviced maintains efficiency and heads off any uncomfortable outages when the heat starts. Change your filters and have a reputable company check for any clogs or stressed parts. This could save you on costly repairs down the road.
  • Caulking: Examine all areas where caulking could become old and crumbly – like windows and wood frames. It is an issue of efficiency that will help you keep your energy costs down and protect you from having unwanted Oklahoma bugs that might think your house looks cozy.
  • Roof Shingles and Gutters: Your roof is huge asset in protecting your home, especially when severe weather hits. Check for missing or loose shingles. Fixing these early strengthens the rest of your roof and helps to avoid further damage. The same applies to your gutters. Make sure they are clean and rust-free and secure any points that may have come loose over the winter.
  • Smoke Detectors: This is an easy one that we can all forget about. Change your batteries, not only for safety, which is very important, but also so you don’t get woken up in the middle of night by that incessant warning beep. Why smoke detectors always choose the wee hours of the morning to warn you it’s time to change the batteries is a mystery to us all.
  • Firewood: Move your firewood away from the exterior walls of your home. Termites and other destructive insects like wood piles so make sure your supply is elevated by about eighteen inches and is at least two feet from your home or other outbuilding.
  • Crawl Space Vents: Your crawl space vents are also easy to forget about but are critical when maintaining your home. Make sure vents are open, clear and dry. Moisture in your vent areas can lead to mold, mildew, and foundation issues so Spring is a great time to be checking up on this often overlooked home maintenance.
  • Outside Faucets and Hoses: There is nothing quite so surprising and unwelcome as hooking up your hose for the first time and getting soaked. Check all your exterior faucets for leaks and your hoses for cracks and missing or crumbling washers.
  • Sprinkler System: Winter in Oklahoma can cause shifts in our red dirt which can have adverse effects on your sprinkler system. Before turning on your sprinkler system, check for any loose or missing heads. When you turn it on, watch for fountains of water. This can be an indication of a missing head or worse, a broken water line. Spending a little time looking for obvious problems can you save you money on your water bill and the headache of a sodden yard.
  • Wood Trim and Decks: Drastic changes in temperature change loosen screws. Take a minute to assess your wood trim and deck for areas that may not be quite as stable as they were before. This is also the time to look for termites or other insects that may have taken up residence. They like loose areas to start their burrowing so tighten up or replace screws and sealers.

We here at Residential Repair want you to be able to enjoy your Spring. Hopefully these 10 Quarterly Repairs Every Homeowner Needs will help you do that. If you need us for anything, we’re just a phone call away.

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