13 Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

Category: Blog Post Date: May 29, 2016

13 Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

Curb appeal is a real thing. We all want our homes to look great. Maintaining your home’s exterior increases property value and minimizes costly repairs. Here are 13 ways to maintain your home’s exterior that will help avoid potential future problems.

The following items should be taken care of immediately:

  1. Check for bird or rodent holes in the siding. Leaving open holes can allow water to penetrate into the wall or attic depending how the siding runs and where the hole is.
  2. Moisture damage to doors or window sills can become quite costly to re build if not taken care of. We see this often on lower window sills because a sprinkler system is directed to the area. Consider a concrete based siding if it is time to restore your home.
  3. Damaged roof shingles can cause water to run quite a distance before showing its ugly water stain on one of your ceilings. The roof should be part of an annual inspection. Boots and flashings should be checked also.
  4. Caulking creates the seal between two materials. It does not last the life of your home and needs to be removed and re applied when it cracks or pulls away. Ignore the caulking and the problem will eventually make its way inside.
  5. Peeling paint allows water and sun to get to the wood. When wood is not protected with good paint it will deteriorate rapidly. Some siding swells when it gets wet and is ruined.
  6. Light fixtures should be secured tightly, exterior rated, and in good working order.
  7. Hose connections should be tight to the house and not leak. Check to see if your hose connection has an anti -freeze design.
  8. Sidewalks and patios should be free of cracks. If cracks are visible, they should be cleaned, and filled to prevent water infiltration which can freeze in the winter months and make the problem worse.
  9. Gutters should be clean, sloped correctly to drain, and have splash blocks where they discharge.
  10. Crawl space vents should be open in the summer, closed in the winter.
  11. Crawl space access should have a curb so that water cannot run under the house from the yard.
  12. Sprinkler system should be checked at least twice during spring and summer to make sure all the heads are spraying in the proper direction.
  13. Make sure doors shut properly and the sweeps and thresholds are in good condition.

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