Call on Residential Repair to create a new bathroom, remodel an existing bathroom, or just give it a small update. We can design and install with your budget in mind. 

outdated shower with boring tile

This 1980’s gold trimmed shower failed and it was the perfect time to update the master shower and tub with newer tile and accents. We found no proper backing behind this tile and the source of the owners headaches.



We installed concrete board, a new shower pan, 12 X 24 wall tile, and a mosaic tile floor. The existing tub got a new mosaic tile border and new tub skirt. This picture was taken just before the custom glass was installed on the shower.


1960 bathroom with single sink

This 1960’s bathroom screamed for our makeover.

Double sink vanity

This bathroom got a new tile floor, double sinks, a granite counter, new faucets, and updated paint.